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Fast charging EV batteries & services

SEPL - Sridewi Energies Pvt Ltd is a manufacturing company focused on developing indigenous products in India and catering to the World in the sectors of Energy, Electronics, and Emerging Technologies and to leverage the carbon footprint.


We are a made-in-India manufacturers of fast charging and affordable EV batteries, BMS and chargers.


We provide full gamut of services around design, manufacturing, training, installation, maintenance of EV batteries and charging stations.


Our solutions are built upon research and development strength of the organisation. We continuously innovate in EV batteries segment of two and four wheeler vehicles to stay ahead of the world.

WHY Sridewi Energies Pvt Ltd

A different approach, using a new method of manufacturing.

With the growing demand of the Indian Energy market to be 600 gigawatt hour (GWh) by 2030, we are committed to supply products and services to safeguard the Environment and to abide to the Recycling methods (SDG’s), promote Circular Economy and the Universal brotherhood.

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